Our hearing clinic provides the latest in hearing aid technology to help individuals with hearing loss hear more easily and stay connected with family and friends.   Our Audiologist at Salus Hearing Centre is also a Doctor of Audiology.  Our Audiologist will find the right hearing aid solution for you in three easy steps during your appointment:

Step One:  Hearing Test

The first step in finding the right hearing aid solution for you is to book a hearing test with your Audiologist at Salus Hearing Center to determine the amount of hearing loss and type of hearing loss you have.  Your Audiologist will review the results of the hearing test with you the very same day.  Our Audiologist is a local resident and supports the Italian community in Vaughan, Maple, Woodbridge and surrounding areas by providing services in Italian.

Hearing Test

Step Two: Consultation

Hearing loss can happen at any age. Your Audiologist will tailor her recommendations to meet your lifestyle needs, preferences and budget. All individuals with a hearing loss will be able to access $500 of funding for each hearing aid through the Assistive Device’s Program. Your Audiologist will also determine if you are eligible for other funding. Today there is a wide variety of hearing aids and accessories available making it possible to find a solution that is discrete and effective for any person with a hearing loss.

Hearing Prescription

Step Three: Dispensing

Once a hearing instrument is selected your Audiologist will place your order. Some styles of hearing aids will require an impression of your ears. Your will receive your new hearing aids within two weeks. You will have a trial period of 30 days to ensure it is the right hearing solution for you. Your Audiologist will work with you to establish goals to monitor perceived benefits with the hearing aids in your everyday life. If needed, changes can be made to the style or level of technology during the trial period. We want to make sure your hearing aids help you hear clearly and engage in communication with less effort.

Hearing Aid Styles
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