Salus Hearing Centre

Our Mission:

Reconnecting people to the world around them through the power of hearing.

Our Vision:

To improve quality of life by providing access to better hearing, through centres of excellence in hearing healthcare, in the communities we serve

Our Values:

  • Respectful
    Listen to our patients and treat them with courtesy
  • Responsive
    Respond to patient request or concerns in a timely manner (within 24 hours)
  • Gratitude
    Being mindful and appreciative during our daily interactions with our patients
  • Empowerment
    Sharing our professional knowledge to reconnect patients to family and friends through better hearing
  • Excellence
    Constant pursuit of higher learning to utilize the most advanced technology and evidence-based treatment with our patients
  • Teamwork
    Working together with our patients to establish goals for better hearing
  • Integrity
    We are accountable to one another and those that we serve