Salus Hearing Centre Office


Salus Hearing Centre is your one stop hearing healthcare facility in York Region located in the Maple Gate Medical Building. Our focus is on preventative hearing healthcare – that is protecting your hearing and preventing hearing loss and other hearing related conditions. We use state of the art equipment to screen your hearing and can design a customized program to address your individual hearing needs. We use leading edge technology solutions that are scientifically proven to significantly improve your quality of life both at home and your performance in the workplace. We also specialize in assessing and treating the hearing related conditions of tinnitus and hyperacusis. Salus provides professional care for your hearing needs well beyond the provision of hearing aids serving the communities of Vaughan, Maple, Woodbridge and surrounding areas.


Salus Hearing Centre is owned and operated by Vaughan’s first Doctor of Audiology, Sabrina DeToma. Sabrina prides herself in using the latest evidence based research in the field to offer you excellence in hearing healthcare services. She believes in the benefit of using a multi-disciplinary approach to treatment. If you suffer with chronic sounds in your ears or head or are bothered by loud sounds Salus Hearing Centre can help. Doctor of Audiology Sabrina DeToma is the leading expert on tinnitus and hyperacusis with a post graduate certificate in the advanced studies of tinnitus and hyperacusis and Tinnitus Retraining Therapy.


Hearing is essential to communication and connects us to one another. You can trust your important sense of hearing by calling today to book a free consultation with your Doctor of Audiology.