As a physician you work with a network of professionals to support your patient’s with their healthcare needs. We would like to be part of your network to support your patient’s hearing needs.

Our clinic is owned and operated by Sabrina DeToma, a Doctor of Audiology, who is committed to excellence when it comes to hearing healthcare. This means assessment and treatment protocols are developed upon evidence based literature; what is proven to be effective. Referring to an Audiologist ensures your patients are receiving the best care, as they are regulated healthcare professionals and have the highest level of training in Audiology.

In order to have your patient’s hearing needs addressed in a timely manner it is important to know when to refer to an Audiologist versus an ENT doctor. Below is a quick reference guide.

When to Refer to Our Audiologist

Anyone with the following conditions:

    • Anyone who has a diagnosed hearing loss or family history of hearing loss
    • Anyone with a history of middle ear infections
    • Anyone requiring cerumen management or foreign object removal from the ear canal
    • Anyone who is receiving treatment for cancer for ototoxic monitoring as it can lead to permanent hearing loss
    • Anyone exposed to loud unprotected noise eg. construction workers, musicians, hunters
    • Anyone with chronic sounds in their ears or head for a tinnitus consultation
    • Anyone who is extremely sensitive to any sounds for a hyperacusis consultation
    • Anyone with a hole in their eardrums or bothered by water in their ears for custom swim plugs
    • Anyone with dementia or Alzheimer’s as treated hearing loss often reduces the severity of the disorder
    • Anyone having difficulty hearing around noise
    • Children with speech and language delays to rule out a hearing loss
    • Children starting junior kindergarten to ensure there are no barriers to learning
    • Children diagnosed with a learning disability, developmental delay and Downs Syndrome

When to Refer to an Otolaryngologist (ENT)

Anyone with the following conditions:

    • Anyone who has a perforated eardrum
    • Anyone who has asymmetrical hearing loss
    • Anyone who has experienced a sudden hearing loss
    • Anyone who has evidence of a growth in the outer ear canal
    • Anyone with tinnitus in only one ear
    • Anyone with chronic ear pain
    • Anyone with balance issues
    • Children with a history of chronic ear infections

ENT doctors often have a very long wait list. Salus Hearing Centre, supports the otolaryngologists at Vaughan Otolaryngology Surgeons and Associates. Therefore, our Audiologists can assess whether a patient presents with any red flags that warrant a referral to an ENT, if you are not sure and want to have your patient seen quickly.

To refer a patient to Salus Hearing Centre simply fax a completed referral form to us at 905-303-3188.  The referral forms can be downloaded from our Physician Referral Package page.

If you would like to meet with Sabrina in person please call our office to arrange a meet and greet. In appreciation of your time and commitment to better hearing she will provide you with a complimentary hearing screening device to use with your patients. Other physician’s in our network have shared that they find the device very helpful and easy to use. Supplies are limited so call today!