Are White Noise Machines Safe For Babies?

We have had a few of people in the past ask us if keeping a sound generator on throughout the night in their child’s room would cause a hearing loss. Recently, one of my friends sent me this article so I thought I’d set the record straight. A noise generator set to a soft level will NOT cause your child to develop a hearing loss, even if it plays all night long.

Babies are used to noise in the womb so it makes sense that some background noise, like white noise, can help some babies fall asleep. The article is based on a study that was conducted at SickKids Hospital, which simply stated that the maximum volume level of the noise generators that they tested, were loud enough to cause a noise induced hearing loss. My advice is to buy a noise generator with a sleep button that turns off after a half hour and keep the volume below conversation level. Sweet dreams babies!

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