New Year, New Hearing, New You

New Year, New Hearing, New You

5 Tips for Hearing Better in 2022

Your world is filled with sound — sounds you don’t want to miss. There’s your grandchild’s virtual piano recital, your favorite sci-fi marathon, or a phone conversation with an old friend. As the new year nears, refresh your connections to the people and moments that matter with these six simple tips for better hearing.


1. Tap Into Technology

Today’s technology can turn any alerting sound into a visual or vibratory cue, allowing doorbells, smoke alarms, and more to alert you with flashing lights or vibrations. Smartphones can stream audio directly to hearing aids and can also caption videos or flash visual alerts for incoming calls. Another innovation: We now have hearing aid technology that can translate other languages.


2. Get in the Loop

Did you know your favorite public places — museums, theaters, churches, and more — may have a hearing loop installed around their venues, letting you receive enhanced audio by wirelessly connecting through the T-coil setting on your hearing aid? Look for the hearing-loop logo at participating sites.


3. Protect Your Assets

Some 466 million people worldwide, including 34 million children, have hearing loss, and excess noise is one of the most preventable causes. Whether you’re enjoying New Year fireworks, hunting with firearms, riding snowmobiles, or otherwise encountering loud sounds, look out for your hearing health by limiting your exposure and wearing quality hearing protection.


4. Work It Out

It’s no secret that obesity can put you at risk for strokes, heart disease, diabetes, and other serious health problems, but did you know it’s linked to hearing loss, too? Resolving to get even healthier and more fit in 2022 will help reduce the risk of excess weight, a problem that can tax your hearing and affect total health.


5. Schedule a Hearing Check

It’s easy to make better hearing a family affair by scheduling hearing evaluations for the whole household. How often? At least once a year, just as you would for your eyes or teeth. Staying on top of your hearing health helps catch any potential changes or problems early, which is important for overall wellness.


We’re here to help you and your loved ones hear your best! Contact us today for more tips on hearing better in the new year.


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