Using Your Smartphone to Manage Your Tinnitus

Showcasing Resound Relief App for a Tinnitus Fee Day.

Last week I celebrated my birthday quietly at home with my husband, son and mother-in-law.  We ordered in from my favourite restaurant and my mother-in-law made my birthday cake – a traditional limoncello ricotta cheesecake.  It was perfect until my son reminded me that I was one year away from turning 50, he stressed that I would be half century old.  He likes to make me feel old to see my reaction.  This week we’ll be celebrating his birthday.  He’ll be turning 15.  I can’t help wondering how the time went by so quickly.  I remember pulling his tiny body up on my bed in the morning so we could snuggle.  Now he towers over me, shaves his face, his voice is deeper and he is always on his cell phone texting his friends or taking photos of some random part of his face for an app called Snapchat.      

The song “Time waits for no one” by the Rolling Stones is playing in my mind.  Life is short so it’s important to me to live it fully and not let my tinnitus rob me of my time with family and friends.  One way I accomplish this is by using an app on my phone called Resound Relief.  It’s a free app that can be downloaded onto your iOS or android device.  The pleasant activities tab provides you with a list of activities to choose from and you can even set up reminders to alert you throughout the week to engage in the activities you enjoy.  Engaging with others while performing activities helps me focus on what’s important to me.  I don’t hear my tinnitus when having lunch with a friend or watching the Superbowl with family.  Pursuing activities that make you feel alive or excited or provides a sense of contribution or accomplishment is great too.   

When I’m not feeling well or I’m under stress, I notice my tinnitus more.   I’m sure you do to.  During those times I make an effort to focus on self care, of both my body and mind.  The Resound Relief can help with this too.  It has a section called sound therapy with soundscapes that can be streamed to any Bluetooth device to help distract you from your tinnitus and help you sleep.  It has a timer as well so you can set how long you want it to play.  You can even create your own soundscape using various sounds from their library and adjust the volume to your preference for each sound, to help mask your tinnitus.  There is also a section called relax that has 8 relaxing meditations by Dr. Jennifer Gans and a breathing tool to help calm you.  The imagery tab has imaginary soundscapes to provide you with visual and audible calmness.  So seize the day today and focus on your health and happiness.  This week I will be focusing on celebrating my son.  I have a little tradition where I take his birthday day off at work and pull him out of school so we can spend the day together.  Afterall it’s a special day for both of us.   

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