Encouraging Tinnitus Research

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Hope for Tomorrow, Solutions Today About 14% of the world’s adults experience tinnitus: a persistent ringing in the ear (some people hear screeching, hissing, static, whooshing, roaring, or even sounds like ocean waves). For many, the condition becomes debilitating. As … Continued

My Tinnitus Has a Melody — Is That Possible? | Musical Ear Syndrome

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Musical Ear Syndrome My Tinnitus Has a Melody — Is That Possible? You probably know someone who experiences tinnitus — a ringing, buzzing, pulsing, hissing, or humming with no external source. People often call it “ringing in the ears,” and … Continued

Good Nutrition Can Help With Tinnitus – Here Are Our 5 Favorite Recipes

From sound-based therapies to mindfulness-based exercises, new ways to manage or reduce the sounds associated with tinnitus — a ringing, buzzing, or pulsing that has no external sound source — are being developed every day.   Though there’s no cure, … Continued